Types of dating in archeology

Household archaeology is also helpful in studying aspects of secular art and architecture, food habits of the people, their religious beliefs, and so on.

Gender classification in the social order is an interesting aspect that can be studied by this kind of archaeological method.

This is because, even if two societies share some common traits, they may be distinct from each other in many aspects, which tend to change by default over a period of time.

Nevertheless, studying advanced techniques of modern communities may help to a certain extent to provide an insight into the rudimentary techniques, which may have been used by the ancients.

Richardson Gill carried out extensive work in environmental archaeology in order to study the impact of climatic changes on the Mayan society.

According to his theory, a continuous series of droughts were responsible for the numerous societal changes and subsequent decline of the ancient civilization.

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They try to understand how the ancient people in a given region may have lived, keeping as their basis, the tangible and intangible culture of the modern communities.Environmental archaeology deals with the study of interrelationship between the ancient people and their natural environment.It involves three sub-disciplines of archaeology, viz., zooarchaeology that deals with the study of ancient animal remains, geoarchaeology that deals with the study of soil, sediments, rocks, natural deposits, etc., and archaeobotany that studies ancient plant remains.Ethnoarchaeology is the science that deals with the ethnographic investigation of living communities in order to acquire knowledge of the past.It involves the application of anthropological methods to a large extent.

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