Updating code explorer tree

This will load that folder into VS Code as the “current working project”, allowing you easy access to all files and subfolders, so you don’t have to keep flipping back and forth to File Explorer.Most modern text editors can support multiple files at once, allowing you to switch between open files through some kind of tab-based interface.Just click the at the top right to spawn more terminal instances, or click the Trash Can to close the current terminal.The drop-down menu makes it easy to switch between them (and doesn’t waste as much screen space as a tab-based interface might).

If you’re working with files that aren’t source code, the symbol-finding features above (in tip #5) won’t be usable.So instead of hunting through dozens of files just to rename a variable or method, let VS Code do it for you.If you select a variable/method and hit F2, you can edit the name and it will change every instance of that variable’s name throughout the entire current working project.Visual Studio Code is easily the best programming text editor.It has replaced Sublime Text as my code editor of choice and I’m never going back.

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