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You can insert the required picture into the result of the conditional field directly and that will work also.

For a while now, I have debated whether or not to post this entry.

To edit the field switches, toggle between the field display and the result with ALT F9 or use Tools The F9 key will update the field content to reflect the changes, or you could use macro code to update all the fields in the document.

Word's formatting switches can handle numbers up to 14 digits after which it rounds off the numbers.

Microsoft was working on its Access DBMS which uses a modern variant of the BASIC language.

I believe there was talk of a “Fox Server” product at Fox Software, but it never saw the light of day before the Microsoft acquisition.This can cause problems when serial numbers contain more than 14 digits and the last digits are rather important!Take the example of the number Sometimes when merging data you may need to include additional text only when the associated field has content, or you may wish to insert a particular field without leaving a space when there is no content in that field.a 1 pixel transparent image as to give the effect of nothing being inserted - or download such an image by clicking the link).Note that INCLUDEPICTURE is the primary field and the condition is achieved as part of its content rather than the other way around.

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