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Here's what I found and with the help of Navionics it's working again. Note, from what I understand, Navionics uses Bizer data (or did at one time) for the lake. They said this information and these files are not used on the older Raymarine units, and for some reason they were causing it to hang.1) Be sure you are using the latest firmware on your C80 Classic, or C120 Classic, which currently is version 5.16 2) After updating your chart chip using the Navionics 'freshest data' using their online app, you must manually remove all files that end in . I'm not sure if this was a one time thing, so I don't know if Navionics continues to get data updates from Bizer. I just got this info myself from Navionics yesterday, so this is new information. BP2 files manually each time after you perform an update to the chip using their "Freshest Data" online update tool. I suppose we should also report this to Raymarine, if we're lucky they will give us a new firmware to fix it, but my guess is that these are older units and they may prefer not to release new software and rather we buy new units. 18 months ago I suspected some problems with my 15 year old L1250.The ability for me to have a chip that covers the entire nation is huge because I don't have to buy one for every state I go to.Also, I love the updating feature, which lets me know my charts are as up to date as they can be and I feel safer going out on new, unfamiliar rivers.If you are already using Navionics Gold, you know what it is capable of, but Navionics Chart Cartridges do need updating.Ask different people, and they will give you different answers, we recommend that the leisure user updates their chart card at the start of each season.

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This item is not available for order outside of the United States. I travel a lot and like to fish, when I get the chance, wherever I end up.

Back in April Garmin announced that the Navionics apps would be getting Active Captain Community (ACC) support by the end of 2018.

With not too many days left in 2018, it appeared time might be running out on that promise.

You’ll also get access to charts in whatever areas your old app(s) was subscribed to, but you will have to download them again if you like having them always available.

Version 13.0 of the Navionics Boating Marine & Lakes app nicely displays all of the Active Captain Community data and the app allows editing of data by taking you to the ACC website.

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