Updating old electrical outlets

Plus, it is possible for the top and bottom of one outlet to be on separate circuits. If your wires are poked into holes in the back of the outlet, you may choose to try to release them by poking a flat head screwdriver into the slot next to the wire, or you will need to cut the wires as close to the outlet as possible.8.Always check both the top and bottom of an outlet before you work on it. Now strip about 1/4 inch of the insulation from the end of your wire.Gently use your wire strippers to clamp down on the wire being sure it is scoring the insulation.

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Can I upgrade circuit wiring and outlets and still keep the lighting circuit in tack?This is a picture of my Dad, my sisters and me teaching him all we knew about bows, barrettes and bobby pins. A healthy fear of electricity will make you more cautious, so don’t lose that fear. And, I promise I will show you step-by-step instructions.I know several of you would never think of taking apart your outlet. It is a good thing to double and triple check your safety when working with electricity. I highly recommend performing outlet replacements during daylight hours (or have a lamp that you can plug into an extension cord from another room.) Also, don’t let your little ones watch you, we don’t want them to stick a screwdriver in the outlet when you aren’t looking.IMPORTANT Totally separating the new circuits from the existing circuits would be best, then as more upgrading is performed the new outlets can be added to the new circuit as they are removed from the old existing wiring.I have provided the following links that lead to fully detailed information on this website that will assist you with your electrical question: Guide to Home Electrical Wire Complete listing of electrical wire types and parts used for home projects with electrical code information serves as selection guidelines.

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