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You can back up the game or movie on a UMD you purchased in case something happens to the original by connecting the PSP to your computer and copying the UMD to a memory card.However, your PSP must be running hacked firmware or lightweight custom firmware to be able to accomplish this (see links in Resources).This means that your computer doesn't let you run the applications you want.

After selecting your PSPs firmware, you have to select which PSP exactly you are using (1000, 2000, 2000v3, 3000, E1000 or PSPgo) and then you will be redirected to a download page for an eligible Custom Firmware for your Playstation Portable.

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In addition, recent PSP S&L (technically: with a motherboard newer than TA-085-v2) cannot modify the battery serial. You can check your motherboard version using Hell Cat's Pandora Installer.

Battery versions: you can use a Fat battery in a PSP Slim, but you can't use a Slim battery in a PSP Fat. This is a normal memory card that you make bootable by installing an executable boot sector near the beginning.

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