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Prospective students apply to each program separately, but should indicate on their application forms and on their admission statement that they are also applying to one of the programs approved in the concurrent degree program.Applicants are strongly encouraged to check the deadlines for the MPH and Ph D applications as they will not necessarily be the same.A grade of “pass” in a “pass/not pass” will also count.

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Training in medical anthropology, evolutionary medicine, and biological approaches to health have become more relevant and valued as with the emergence of global health in recent years.Alternative scheduling systems, such as block schedules, may also be counted as one credit for comparable course content.In general, you must attain, at minimum, a passing grade (including D) to satisfy a CADR.Moreover, students completing both degree programs have been highly recruited on the job market for both academic and applied health positions.The concurrent degree program coordinates the requirement of each degree program, allowing students to shorten the time to completion of both degrees.

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