Validating filename

After you've ordered an SSL certificate, you can visit the certificate's Order # details page to see its validation status.You can also see if the order is waiting on domain or organization validation to be completed before it can be issued.Below I will explain how you can validate parameters in Power Shell with or without the help of validate scripts.

A file name may contain up to 32,768 Unicode characters, trailing periods, trailing spaces, and two files may have names that differ only in case (e.g., README. The Win32 subsystem enforces additional constraints on legal file names.

This validation method allows you to demonstrate control over your domain by hosting a file containing a randomly generated token value at a predetermined location on your website.

Once the file is created and placed on your site, Digi Cert visits the specified URL to confirm the presence of your verification token.

Let's begin by asking some questions about the path we expect: Now that we have the basic questions hopefully answered for the type of path we expect for the argument, we can now begin to write validation attributes for our parameter.

Validation attributes are attributes you can add to parameters when writing a Power Shell function (for an excellent introduction see this 4sysops blog post by Adam Bertram). Error: "The given path's format is not supported." At line:1 char:19 Invoke-Task -Path CC:\Users ~~~~~~~~~ Category Info : Invalid Data: (:) [Invoke-Task], Parameter Binding Argument Transformation Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : Parameter Argument Transformation Error, Invoke-Task Invoke-Task -Path C:\Folder That Does Not Exist Invoke-Task : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Path'. At line:1 char:19 Invoke-Task -Path C:\Users ~~~~~~~~ Category Info : Invalid Data: (:) [Invoke-Task], Parameter Binding Validation Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : Parameter Argument Validation Error, Invoke-Task Invoke-Task -Path C:\Users\Invoke-Task : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Path'.

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