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Let's say you have a product code that consists of two uppercase characters followed by exactly three digits. I need to validate the text field as user inputs the value. Net weight value should not exceed the balance quantity 2.

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Visual Basic 6's validation scheme has two flaws, though.If Unload Mode = vb Form Control Menu Then On Error Resume Next Dim ctrl As Control ' Give the focus to each control on the form, and then ' validate it. Validate Controls If Err = 380 Then ' Validation failed, refuse to close.Cancel = True: Exit Sub End If End If Next End If End Sub The Causes Validation property and the Validate event are shared by all the intrinsic controls that are able to get the focus as well as by most external Active X controls, even those not specifically written for Visual Basic.Your code won't raise an error, even if the second field doesn't contain a valid number!Fortunately, it doesn't take much to create a generic routine that forces each control on the form to validate itself: Private Sub Form_Query Unload(Cancel As Integer, Unload Mode As Integer) ' You can't close this form without validating all the fields on it. Set Focus If Err = 0 Then ' Don't validate controls that can't receive input focus.

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