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It would be her first of three Divas Championships.

Even though it was impossible to predict what AJ would do next, one thing remained a constant: She always kept us guessing.

The Wrestling Observer noted earlier this week that AJ's sabbatical wasn't planned with her wedding in mind, with the time being booked off long before her engagement.

Happily the pair will be able to spend plenty of time together as newlyweds, with Punk essentially retired and under no pressure to ever work again.

is an American ring announcer, valet, former professional wrestler and singer.She finished in third place but won many WWE fans with her lucha-inspired moveset and indomitable fighting spirit.A year after debuting on Smack Down in May 2011, AJ was pivotal in the 18-second outcome of the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestle Mania XXVIII with a kiss to her beau, Daniel Bryan.Before they guided this grandma I was just screaming at my phone and hyperventilating trying to log in. Hello I am currently falling off the side of my bed because my 15 lb dog magically stretches out to the size of a Great Dane at bedtime and hogs the entire mattress and I want to move him but he’s snoring and I’m not a monster. A moment ago, a woman driving by in her car shouted at me to go back to where I came from.

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