Who was whitney houston currently dating

“She’s a damn good basketball player,” she said of Crawford.

“She can beat any guy there is.” For her part, the only time Crawford has spoken publicly of Houston was in an obituary for Esquire.

Old colleagues of her producer, Clive Davis, recall that he deliberately marketed her to white listeners.

Most controversially, perhaps, the movie confirms that Houston was romantically involved with Robyn Crawford, her “best friend,” a relationship that was discouraged by her homophobic family and production team while it lasted and hushed up after it was over.

Houston leans back on the hotel couch and grimaces. “That girl is singing off-key on the record.” It’s downright surreal witnessing young Whitney, who was in this early part of her career picture-perfect and hyper-competent at all times, lapse into vulnerability.

The moment, which occurs in a new documentary, reminds you how thickly the varnish of purity was painted over the fledgling star, how much was covered up. The work of Nick Broomfield (Kurt and Courtney), that movie—which was unauthorized—splices together archival footage with interviews of Houston’s family, friends, and entourage.

“I knew she was something that I didn’t want my sister to be involved with.” He calls her evil, wicked.

In this movie—though not in the previous one—we hear the Houston clan confirm that they paid a man to break Crawford’s legs.

“Would it have bothered you if your daughter Whitney was gay? Clive Davis himself appears to say glowing things about Whitney that have nothing to do with race.

In the article, she described Houston’s beauty, how she missed her laughter.

“Houston’s hit ‘I Will Always Love You,’” Crawford wrote, “was the absolute pinnacle of what she could do, of what anyone could do—and then she had to keep on doing it.”The lovers did not have a smooth go of it.

It is 1990, and Whitney Houston is in a hotel room with her mother.

She is in her twenties, a sprightly pop star with lungs of gold.

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