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I've never used the site for character progress so can't help you there, maybe some other player has any ideas.

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Mythic tooltips have a lot of parts to them: Role icons included on Mythic tooltips can be thought of as badges earned by accumulating certain amounts of score while playing as that role.

Simply hover over a player with your mouse, your guild roster, or even the Group Finder list where you see queued people; if they meet the minimum qualifications then you'll see their score and best run in the tooltip.

Additionally, you can right-click players from the standard target unit frame to and then easily look up their full profile on the site.

Its stopped work also like armory just after patch. I have 25/32/118/7 in game and on ask mr robot, but there I have totally different.. Everything max ultra blabla and running steady 80 to 100 FPS no matter what I do or where I stand.

Is like that the game have something wrong Xd It's all off atm. Got a laptop I7 6700hq and a GTX980m with gsync 120hz. I recommend u reinstall the game if everything you tried isn't working.

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