Wvdial not updating resolv conf

I made the mistake of buying the 8GB model (unlocked, without sim, from John Lewis), not realising that adding extra SD memory is not analogous to adding an extra hard drive on linux or windows.I acquired a PAYG sim from EE who transferred my old mobile phone number (Orange) to the Sim.Blocking google mail, which so many people use now, is stupid and arbitrary (especially when they have the information that I am over 70). After they removed the block I could access google mail when running the t-mobile software on windows, but not when using linux. In response I got this: I'm pleased to hear that you're happy with the help we gave you.The web site says you can remove the block interactively, but that works only for phone users not mobile broadband users. We appreciate hearing comments like these and will keep working hard to continue this high level of service.I don't know what would happen in trains, hotels, etc.if lots of people started using these devices -- would they interfere with one another?

This has made my T-mobile, and Three mifi devices redundant, because it works well on 3G 4G connections and can act as a wifi hot spot.They provide additional functionality, especially sending and reading text messages via the USB stick (assuming it is already connected as described below).The commands are implemented in Pop-11, the core language of Poplog, but it should be possible for users of other programming languages to copy and edit them, since Pop-11 is quite readable.Commands for sending text messages and interrogating the system from a text editor (the poplog editor Ved) are available.These commands are not required for using the USB stick to connect to the internet.

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