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I've seen my fair shareof gay men and women who are asked to censor themselves for fear of"offending" family members (many who aren't even invited to Thanksgiving) or "embarrassing" straight parents and siblings.

Thedeadbolt is turned in our own community where the extrovert is praised asconfident and sure while the quiet guy blends into the furniture.

Those details are shoutedinto the depths of the internet, only to await comparison and judgement. I don't mind that he's gay, she says proudly, Ijust don't think he needs to put all of those pictures up on Facebook for thefamily to see.

Like the office, there are rules to being cyber social thatmirror what society considers normal behavior.

Post a pic of your cat, your newapartment and your vacation in Cabo, just crop out your boyfriend because we'renot that type of crowd.

Unfortunately for the gay outsider,sometimes called the loner or the anti-social, the closet door can slam allover again, and again, and again with each page load.

With each, the processto unraveling who they really are is the same. Admit it or not, much of our gaylives are dictated by stereotype because "that's just what gays do."Gay men like parties.

I'll never forget my office days when collectivethought and a homogenous environment were synonymous with teamwork.

Shy individuals and introverts (sometimes not one in thesame) make significant contributions to our cultural collectives.

Theirsociability does little to indicate their real motives. As individuals we're wired withthe same basic organs and limbs, but how we view the world is as different asthe fingerprints on our thumbs. Their social image is already lower than the confetti on the dance floor.

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