Your parents your dating

We know that this can cause a lot of fights between you and your parents as well as you and your boyfriends so look at this as an opportunity to use love to be accepting and considerate instead of letting your words further poison the relationships between you all.

Remember, your boyfriend’s feelings will be hurt so if you’re mad about how he behaved, hold your tongue and don’t kick him while he’s down.

Bring him around (if they will allow that) and invite them to do things with the two of you.

Remind them not to say things that will offend your boyfriend too.

In order to maintain peace in this situation, do your best to see from your parents eyes and from your boyfriend’s eyes.Remember, sometimes they may have logical reasons and sometimes they may be making assumptions.If your parents usually give sound judgment, then be willing to hear them out to be sure you haven’t overlooked something.If you know he is an outspoken liberal and your parents are unbudging republicans, tell him to avoid talking politics at all costs.Your instincts when you get in a disagreement with your boyfriend will be to run to your parents and tell them everything but this is not really a good idea unless you’ve ended the relationship because if they already don’t like him, they will really hate him if you talk bad about him.

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